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We'll stand by you, so you're never alone.

Today’s shared realities can feel daunting — a fast-changing landscape at home and abroad, an uncertain economy, search of quality healthcare and access, gun violence in communities large and small, the loss of human connection, etc. — but they also have to promise for good.

We Are Here

The discussion of mental health in our culture still carries a great deal of shame. Although we cannot always see it, mental health is just as important to leading a happy life as physical health. It is unquestionably essential to our general well-being.

You are not alone if you believe that your mental health is a problem. We want you to know that asking for assistance is okay because we are here for you. 


Our Mission

To provide outreach, resources, support services for people going through the organ transplant process along with preventive screening education and care to promote physical and mental well-being for people in our communities.